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International teaching certification to become  recognized TESOL CERTIFIED TRAINER in Global EDUCATIONAL WORLD.

Numerous Trainers have been graduated with TESOL Certification to attain validation along with financial and promotional growth in their career.

Kashif Memon

We empower teachers to learn and understand the latest teaching methodologies on this planet with internationally accepted teaching certification program to gain more power, establish authority and to serve in competitive environment  and renowned educational sectors, globally so they can achieve consistent financial and career growth with their transformational  teaching and training services onsite and online with ease and grace.

Dr. Siavash Vali

TESOL Canada is globally recognized as the official center to provide standards and accreditations to teachers. TESOL Certification is the first step in the field of teaching internationally. Global institutions recognize accreditations and TESOL memberships awarded by TESOL Canada across Canada, USA, UK, the European Union, South- Central America, and Asia. Eureka Global Education is the exclusive licensee to run Tesol Canada programs in Pakistan

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CEO Eureka Global Education and Exclusive Master License of TESOL Canada in Pakistan


Wait a minute…

I want you to slow down please…..


Yes… ..Relax and take a deep breath…

Read Slowly..

Have you ever been in a situation?

where you think and feel…

I need change...

I feel... change is accelerating and uncertainty is increasing...

I need Freedom..

I need financial freedom..

I am earning less than my real potential…

My environment or workplace is a mismatch...


I need people freedom.. I need place freedom..


I struggle to get acceptance and experience huge competition..

I work and work and hardly get time for my self…. I need time freedom


I want to grow and grab growth opportunities…


because I am an impact creator and I want to create my legacy…  

I want my real power and authority... because I can make difference…

I want to collaborate , create contribute with my purpose, passion and power..


I want to be recognized at any place with pride

Many teachers struggle to find their real place and connect to like-minded people, and true power and price of their time.

just a year ago…

Saima was not a certified TESOL trainer, not working at leading position or Career Growth Consultant until I found this community of result makers and impact creators...

 She attended TESOL CANADA CERTIFIED TRAINER’s training and it helped her gain authority, affiliation and achievement..

TESOL CANADA has helped thousands  of people around the world to achieve to achieve growth and opportunities in their career and life through variety of unique  certification courses offered at TESOL platform.

Even if you are someone whom nobody knows  in this competitive market or you have no experience of teaching but want to thrive in career BOOK FREE STRATEGY SESSION NOW!...

IF you want authority, affiliations, achievement in career and life then..

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What Graduates Say About TESOL

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WhatsApp Image 2020-04-17 at 11.13.43 PM
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IF you want authority, affiliations, achievement in career and life then..



Tesol Diploma

4 months

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Tesol Advance

3 months

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Tesol Certificate

2 months

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