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Tesol Diploma: TCCT Standard 450 Hour Program

Become A Certified TESOL Trainer Who Can Inspire And Teach In Only... 6 Months Or Less!

In addition to theoretical teaching, TESOL CANADA provides its students with the practical skills needed to teach English to speakers of other languages. Required practicum for the Diploma Standard (450-hour program) is 150 hours. 


Graduates of TESOL around the world


Offered in 100 countries around the world


employed in full time paying jobs

So What Is TESOL?

TESOL ("Teaching English To Speakers Of Other Languages")


Did you know...approximately 1 BILLION People are learning English worldwide?!

Learning TESOL can make you an expert in teaching English Language which can open up unprecedented opportunities in every aspect of your life.

If you're reading this page chances are you want to discover more and learn how to avail this resource...

TESOL can:

open you to an international career

make you eligible for earnings, higher salaries and promotions

make you more confident and competent in the classroom

add valuable skills to your resume



3 Different Programs, All Customized To Your Needs

TESOL Diploma

TESOL Foundation

Advanced TESOL

Almost 45% of our graduates are employed in Asia, 10% in South America, 20% in the Middle East, 15% in Canada, and some in Eastern European countries. Nearly 6% of our graduates teach online with the highest revenues.

The entire TESOL Foundation is 150 hours, and the Advanced TESOL is 300 hours. TESOL Foundation offers 50 hours of theory and 100 hours of Practical Teaching.


You'll be accredited from TESOL Canada at the end of your course with an internationally recognized certificate … 

You'll be having access to professional teachers, small class sizes, online options and employment referrals along with much more


That’s why TESOL was provide a valuable skill for your teaching or applying career!

Grow Your Income And Career With TESOL Now!

Why Should You Choose TESOL?


#1: Great Career Prospects

Studying TESOL most commonly leads to a career in language teaching, but it can also open the doors to employment in any part of the world where there is demand for English or other foreign language teaching.


Excelling in linguistics, translation and interpreting can lead to rewarding careers in


  • Business,

  • Administration,

  • Research,

  • Educational consultants,

  • Speech pathologists 

  • Speech therapists. - tv_PNG39272.png