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TESOL Foundation : 
( 2 months ) 

What will you get ? 

✓ Ability to train your Teachers according to the International Teaching protocols.
✓ Expertise to design Internationally verified curriculum for better and active learning.
✓Mastery in class management using activities, interactive group works and games.
✓ Flair knowledge and skill of designing effective lesson plans to bring out the outcome you want to achieve after plotting your objectives.
✓Proficiency to smartly use Technology as a medium when needed.
✓Qualification in Teaching English to Adults.

What will you get ?

✓ Lesson plans
✓ Research Papers
✓ Access over Learning Management System  of TESOL Canada Pakistan.
✓ Learning Materials
✓ Training from Canadian TESOL (Phd) Trainers.
✓ TESOL registration for life time.
✓ Free Mentorship from TESOL certified Pakistani Trainers.
✓ International Certification.

Mode of Learning :

✓ Live webinar through our Canadian TESOL certified Trainers.

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